Charity and Creativity in Genshin Impact: how to manage a shop

The detailed guide on doing business in Teyvat: how to correctly regulate the shop’s directions and achieve the target values of indicators.

Charity and Creativity in Genshin Impact is a part of the Ballads and Brews Event. During this quest the Travelers will have to help the Knights of Favonius to open shops at a charity fair to help those in need.

In the article you can find a Charity and Creativity detailed guide: how to secure funds and achieve the target values in three directions to maximize funds for all customer cycles. We will tell you which shop strategies to choose and how to correctly regulate the directions.


The event opens on September 30 and will last until October 17, 2022 inclusive.


To start this quest, you should:

  • Have Adventure Rank 21 or above;
  • Complete the Sounds From Afar. It is the first act of the Of Ballads and Brews event.

Go to Springvale in Mondstatd and talk to Bernhard to start the quest and secure funds to open the shop.


Charity and Creativity

During the event you will have to adjust 3 settings. Depending on the current customer cycle, distribute resources in such a way that the indicators reach the target values. In this case, the funds will increase.

The indicators can be corrected with the help of using available recourses.

If the funds invested in the direction exceed the recommended minimum, the player will continue to receive additional revenue.

Charity and Creativity

After a certain number of cycles have been completed, it becomes possible to use shop stratagems. A description of their effects is presented in the “Shop stratagems” menu.

Charity and Creativity

After a certain number of Customer Flow Cycles, you will open Shop Assistants. You can choose the bonus you will provide to your friends between increasing one of Holistic Service, Product Quality or Business Efficiency by 30%. Once unlocked, you can choose between three random friends. Note: you have to wait for two Customer Flow Cycles before hiring any assistant in the same store, not just the same one.

As the shop develops, various useful functions will become available. Travelers can also face Emergencies and Unexpected Situations. After completing certain conditions there is a possibility of joining the owners of other shops, this will allow you to manage 3 shops at once.


genshin impact charity event? securing funds? event quest guide – of ballads and brews

In the Events Overview choose «Of Ballads and Brews», then choose «Event Details» and open «Charity and Creativity». Unlock the quest and head to Springvale and find Bernhard.

Charity and Creativity

Bernhard wants you to help him to rescue the charity event and to raise funds for disadvantaged children and elderly citizens. However, before opening a store it is necessary to collect the basic currency.


First of all, you need to order 50 crates of Fruits of the Festival using Mora from Bernhard. We recommend offering around 13,000 Mora.


After getting the receipt you need to check out the situation in other shops. On his way Traveler will meet Barbara who will want to help with shop promotion. Barbara promises to think about it a little more and talk to some other people about their marketing experience. After the dialogue the main menu of the event will open.


Before securing funds, depending on how the barter with Georg went, the basic currency may be different. If you agree on an amount from 2700-3000, then at the start there will be 4000+ funds.

Next, in the guide, we will show all the ways to receive funds so, if necessary, you can choose your own approach based on hints.

Before opening the shop, you need to secure enough funds using two methods:

  • By selling ingredients from your inventory to wine merchants
  • By completing purchase requests

The main goal is to receive basic currency in the amount of 32,000 of The Fairbrew Jelly.


To begin with, it is recommended to complete purchase requests, since later you can get the remaining amount of currency by selling ingredients.

Merchant from Liyue Harbor

Charity and Creativity

Click on the quest icon next to the girl from Liyue, so that the quest “Beverage Shop on the Pier” appears in the quest list, and go to the marked area of the city.

Charity and Creativity Charity and Creativity

Talk to Quqing and find out that she would like to order 65 cases of Mintberries in The Cat`s Tail Tavern. She also adds that she had gathered Fairbrew Jelly in advance, so there is no point in saving.

Go to the far side of the fair and find Dianу. In the barter, offer a price starting from 14,000.

If you choose the wrong option all the time, the transaction will still take place, but the final revenue will be 1,000 less.

Go back to the merchant from Liyue and inform her that the drinks have been ordered. As a reward, you can get 8,000 funds.

A chef from Qingce Village

Charity and Creativity

Proceed to the task “Mountain Mixologist” by clicking on the request icon opposite the chef from Liyue.

Charity and Creativity

Teleport to Qingce Village and listen to the order. Guanchui will ask for 100 cases of Fruits of the Festival from Angel`s Share Tavern.

Go to Springvale to bargain with Georg and offer him a price of 22,000. After that, go back to the customer and inform them about the placement of the cases in order to receive a reward.

The total revenue for both orders will be 16,000.


Next are calculations of the total amount of The Fairbrew Jelly for all the ingredients and separately. You can sell all the resources to get more revenue, or exclusively to get a minimum currency. However, we recommend, if possible, selling all the ingredients so that there is an optimal amount to start with.

Georg from Angel`s Share Tavern

Charity and Creativity

Go to Georg`s stall to sell raw ingredients and get funds:

  • Apple x5 — 1200 Fairbrew Jelly
  • Sunsettia x5 — 825 Fairbrew Jelly
  • Sweet Flower x5 — 975 Fairbrew Jelly
  • Wolfhook x5 — 3000 Fairbrew Jelly
  • Valery x5 — 3000 Fairbrew Jelly
  • Berry x5 — 825 Fairbrew Jelly

Thus, a total of 9,825 The Fairbrew Jelly can be obtained.

Diane from The Cat`s Tail Tavern

Charity and Creativity

Talk to Diane and sell her the following resources:

  • Snapdragon x5 — 1375 Fairbrew Jelly
  • Mint x5 — 700 Fairbrew Jelly
  • Pinecone x5 — 950 Fairbrew Jelly
  • Horsetail x5 — 1200 Fairbrew Jelly
  • Dandelion Seed x5 — 3000 Fairbrew Jelly

Thus, a total of 7225 The Fairbrew Jelly can be obtained.

If you make bargains successfully and sell all the ingredients, the total revenue for the securing will be 37,025.


After receiving the basic currency for the charity fair, go to Bernhard to open a shop and start its development.

Charity and Creativity

Charity and Creativity

The first buyers of the shop “Favonian Goodies” are Mona and Fischl. The astrologer buys some products according to the recommendations from Paimon to prepare a treat for Fischl. After the girls leave, talk to the Knight of Favonius to start running your own shop.


Depending on the current amount of funds, allocate resources among 3 options:

  • Product Quality
  • Business Efficiency
  • Holistic Service

A total of 10 Customer Flow Cycles are available, during which the player will have to earn 80,000 funds to collect all the possible rewards.

Be careful in the spreading of resources. If you do not have time to make full revenue before the 10th level, when you try to enter the shop again, the inscription will appear: “There is no trading time left at this stage.” This means that it will not be possible to continue now, and a second attempt will appear only for the next stage in a few days.

How to complete a charity shop

Recommendations for passing to get maximum funds:

  • Fill in the scale to the target values.

Each scale should reach the marked limits to get more earnings. Fix the marker at the range of the arrows so that they become orange. Click on “+” to add funds.

  • Participate in unexpected situations to get inspiration and extra funds.

Charity and Creativity

From time to time, unexpected situations will begin to arise, for the solution of which Strategic Inspiration and additional funds are given. At the same time, there are no correct or incorrect answers here, the final amount of the reward does not change in any case.

  • Use the maximum number of Shop Stratagems.

Stratagems can be unlocked for solving unexpected situations. Try to use them at each level. This will allow you to spend less money and balance directions easier.

If you have any difficulties with passing the stage, use the step-by-step video guide:

What to do if the error “Insufficient funds, cannot adjust direction” appears:

If you click on “Open for Business”, it says, Insufficient funds, cannot adjust directionclick on “Open for Business” again and pay attention to which of the 3 directions another indicator with arrows lights up. It represents the minimum threshold for achieving the goal, so it is necessary to spend resources to upgrade this indicator.

Before the 10th cycle, get at least 80,000 total earnings to collect all the rewards:

  • Primogems x60
  • Weinlesefest Festive Fever x60
  • Mora x90000
  • Weapon Ascension Materials: Debris of Decarabian`s City x5; Boreal Wolds`s Cracked Tooth x5; Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator x5


For completing all the quests of the event Travelers will be able to receive the following rewards:

  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Hero`s Wit
  • Weinlesefest Festive Fever

We hope that our guide has helped to competently manage a shop in Charity and Creativity, as well as effectively secure funds to receive earnings. If you have any questions or difficulties, write them in the comments. Follow the other Genshin Impact guides on the website.

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