Dreams, Emptiness, Deception in Genshin Impact: Archon Quest Chapter 3 – Act 3 walkthrough guide

A new meeting with Nahida, a collision with the Second Harbinger and a journey into the desert.

Dreams, Emptiness, Deception Archon Quest Chapter 3 – Act 3 in Genshin Impact is connected with Sumeru. After leaving the Sabzerus Festival, the Traveler will have to help Nahida and find out the plan of the sages of the Academy. Old friends from the Avidya Forest and desert residents will help to figure out how Fatuis are connected with what is happening in the region and how to save the Dendro Archon from the trap.

The article describes the detailed walkthrough of the quest “Dreams, emptiness, deception” and tells how to implement Nahida’s plan, find Tighnari in Pardis Dhyai and get to the Aaru village. There are main objectives of Chapter III – Act III:

  • Gather information as instructed by Nahida and go to the market the next day.
  • Wait for Nahida to enter the inhabitant`s consciousness and talk to Setaria in order to win the girl over to her side.
  • Head to the Akademiya and sort out the available information.
  • Go to Gandharva Ville and then to Pardis Dhyai to find Tighnari.
  • Head to the Caravan Ribat to get to the desert, and then to the Aaru village.
  • Exchange information with the residents and defeat the monsters in the village.


To start completing the quest “Dreams, emptiness, deception”, you need:

  • to reach adventure rank 35 or above
  • to complete the previous quest – The Morn a Thousand Roses Bringsubk

Go to the Adventurers Guild and talk to Katheryne. During the conversation, the Traveler will realize that his interlocutor is actually Nahida. After the dialogue, Dreams, emptiness, deception will appear in the list of tasks.



Head to the road that leads from the Adventurers Guild to Lambad`s Tavern. At a small house on the right side there is a marker, next to which you need to meet with Nahida.


When discussing an action plan, it is necessary to voice each of your ideas, however, all of them will turn out to be risky and Nahida will reject them. The Archon’s plan is to find a person who is already caught up in the conspiracy of the sages, but opposes them. Only in this case it will be possible to find help without committing evil.

It is necessary to enlist the help of Setaria, the assistant of the sages, who will have a day off the next day. You should prepare beforehand: go to her favorite places and talk to the locals.


Gather information as instructed by Nahida. To do this, go to the “lower” part of the street and move to the outlet with bags and scarves, which is managed by the fortune teller Nabiya. Setaria often happens in this place, so it is necessary to pay special attention to important data and the manner of speech of the fortune teller.

Nabiya will tell about the fate of the Traveler, but such predictions will seem wrong to the fortune teller and she will not charge visitors a fee.

After finishing the divination, turn around and go to the right. Head to the red ceramic tent owned by the stall vendor Akim. The young man will tell about his path to mastery and his father – this information is enough for Nahida, so it’s time to leave.

After the conversation with the Akim, head to the Lambad’s tavern and talk to the waitress Qishan at the entrance to its territory. Nahida will ask the girl about her desire to learn shipbuilding and also learn about the basement of the tavern.

Turn right and go up Treasure Street to talk to Nahida alone. First of all, the Archon wants to break the psychological barrier of Setaria, causing a sense of guilt before the motherland. To do this, you need to get into the mind of a girl`s friend and pretend that he believed in the Scarlet King. After finishing the conversation with Nahida, wait for the next day (12:00 — 18:00), or use rewind.


After waiting for the right time, go to the market and carry out Nahida’s plan. First of all, go to the fortune teller to start the cut scene. The Archon will help the Traveler to inhabit the consciousness of Nabia: it is necessary to choose the right cues to influence the Setaria.

What are the names of Setaria`s cats?

The fortune—teller’s cats are called Harut and Marut – this is the correct answer to the scientist’s question. Setaria admits that she would like to tell fortunes for love, but she is too confused about it, so she wants to hear “instructions” that will tell her when she can finish her project. In fact, the girl is thinking about home. The traveler will give Setaria the “accusations of the Scarlet King”, after which the scientist will leave.


What kind of work were you looking for?

Having moved to the Akim, the question of help with work should be answered by “masonry“, since this is the profession of the young man’s father.

Speaking of, how`s he doing? Is he feeling any better?

When Setaria asks about the well-being of Akim’s father, choose the option “He’s feeling a lot better, and he`s walking more now.” The girl will ask to pass the letter to the man in order to protect him from rumors about the Scarlet King, but “Akim” will immediately remind Setaria of her homeland and belonging to the desert.



Setaria ran towards the tavern, and the Traveler needs to stand next to the green tent to talk to the girl through the mouth of Qishan.

Like… as if someone was trying to preach to you about something.

When a scientist asks about the sermons, you need to answer “No, I’ve been spending all my time studying in the basement..” Qishan will say about Sabzeruza, these words will surprise Setaria very much and the dialogue will again come to the discussion of the Scarlet King. The girl will run away to the mercenary for help, but the Traveler will penetrate into the mind of the Hermit and again tell the scientist that King Deshret is immortal, again reminding her of her homeland.

A dialogue with Rima will finally break Setaria’s faith in the academy and convince the girl of the need to punish the sages. The scientist will tell that she does not have access to the details of the projects, but she knows about the return to the Ac of a certain expelled student, whom the sages themselves are afraid of. Setaria will announce her plan and leave. Now just wait for the next day (19:00 -24:00) or use rewind.



When the time comes, head to the Adventurers Guild and approach Katheryne to begin the realization of the plan. The traveler will notice that it has become too quiet around, but despite the oddities, you need to go to the agreed place.

Head to the Akademiya which is located northeast of the Guild. Going to the right place, you will notice that the streets have really become empty. As soon as you approach the entrance to the Akademiya, you will notice crowds of people meeting the Traveler: something is definitely wrong.

The cut-scene will begin, and it will be revealed that the exiled disciple whom everyone is afraid of is Il Dottore, the second of the harbingers of Fatui. All this time he had been eavesdropping on the conversation between the Archon and Setaria, and now he had imprisoned the girl behind bars. In addition, Dottore conducted experiments on the inhabitants of Sumeru and improved their terminals: now people are completely subject to the harbinger. Nahida will delay the enemy, and it’s time for the Traveler to escape. The friends will discuss the further action plan and go to Tighnari for help.




From Sumeru city, follow the path to the western entrance to the Gandharva ville. When you come to the place shown in the screenshot, a cut-scene will begin in which the Traveler will be hailed by eremites. The bandits were sent here by Dottore.

The traveler needs to fight 3 waves of eremites: there will be 3 opponents in each of them. After the victory, you can continue on your way to Gandharva ville.


Head to the eastern part of the ville and find Tighnari there. From afar, you will notice a Collei standing near the entrance to the house: approach the girl and start a conversation to find out the location of the master. Collei will say that Tighnari recently left the Avidya Forest in a hurry and went to Pardis Dhyai.

The girl will also mention that the master was previously trained in Amurta Darshan, and Pardis Dhyai is something like their research base. There is less and less time left, so it’s time to go to this location to search.


Go to Pardis Dhyai: the search area is located right at the teleport. When you move to the right place, you will find Katheryne-Nahida. The Traveler and Paimon will begin to ask the Archon about what happened to the enslaved people. It will become clear that Dottore is too strong and is quite capable of capturing Nahida’s consciousness in Akasha.


Together with Nahida, you need to find Tighnari: to do this, enter Pardis Dhyai. Go up the stairs on the right and find yourself at the entrance. In the greenhouse you will find Haypasia, with whom the conversation will begin: the girl finally came into contact with the Archon and therefore left the Avidya Forest.

Haypasia will offer the Traveler to establish a spiritual connection, after which the cut scene will begin. It will tell the story of Scaramouche: three betrayals, because of which the young man decided to erase everything human from himself and hated the Archons. It will become clear that the scientist is on the verge of insanity.

After talking with Haypasia, the next cut-scene will start, during which the eremites will attack the friends. The last thing they managed to see was the mercenary’s blow and Nahida’s contact with the Traveler, after which the Archon’s vision will be shown.

Nahida transferred her consciousness into the Traveler’s body, but now everything fell into place. It will be possible to find Tighnari nearby, but there is no Archon nearby. Paimon will tell about what happened, and the forest guard will convey Nahida’s message: “The Doctor has found a way to trap my consciousness, so I can`t journey with you anymore. But even in a moonless night, a shower of starlight can still drown out illusions and lies.” Nahida was imprisoned in the Sanctuary of Surastana, and the Akademiya is trying to make Scaramouche deity to put him in the place of the current Archon. It is necessary to go to the Desert.



Follow Tighnari’s advice and go to the Caravan Ribat to get to the desert from there. Enter the territory of the location and turn left at the stairs: the cut-scene in which the Traveler will meet Alhaitham will immediately begin.


The man will not explain anything and just tell you to follow him. Follow Alhaitham and reach a small market, at the end of which the guy will stop: talk to him. It turns out that all this time the eremits were monitored by their friends and Alhaitham helped the Traveler to get rid of the tail.

He has been researching a capsule that came to Port Ormos from the desert for a long time, and Alhaitham needs to study the source of its appearance. The scientist suggests going together to one of the main settlements – the Aaru village


Go through the gates in the Caravan Ribat, which leads to the desert. Head southwest to Aaru village, where the Statue of the Archon is located. Walk through the wastelands until you reach the entrance to the settlement.

Friends in the village will be greeted extremely inhospitably: they will immediately be attacked by General Mahamatra Cyno. The young man will tell the Traveler that Alhaitham is a target for hunting and is completely untrustworthy. The situation is heating up, but suddenly Dehya will join the conversation.

The conflict will be interrupted by a sandstorm, from which you will have to hide in the house of the village`s chief, where Candace the defender of the Aaru village will call the company. Cyno and Alhaitham will voice all claims against each other and tell about what is happening. A growl will be heard outside and Candace will go outside to deal with the sources of noise. After a while, the storm ended, but the girl still did not return.


Leave the village chief`s house and head to the place where you first met Cyno. Go down and cross the bridge to the Statue of the Archon. There you will find Candace, who has been fighting with the Rifthound Whelps for a long time.


Help Candace and defeat the monsters that appeared: 2 waves of 2 Rifthound Whelps in each. We recommend that you first take a good healer into the squad, because these enemies can cause trouble. After the end of the battle, Uncle Anpu, the village chief, will approach his friends. He will talk about the causes of the storms and talk about the “mad scientists” whom the Akademiya exiles to Aara. Suddenly, all these people have disappeared somewhere and Anpu is concerned about this.


Go to the other side of the bridge, to the main part of the village and move to the right to talk to Cyno in a more secluded place. The young man will tell you why the scholars exiled to Aara are called the Village Keepers. The conversation will be interrupted by a little boy who asks about the missing grandfather.


Go up the stairs and enter the village chief’s house. Once inside, a cut-scene will begin in which the Traveler and Cyno question Candace. The girl will tell the story of Isak and his “grandfather”. The company will agree that Nahida helped the scholar. This completes the dialog.

After passing the chapter, the quest of the Archons King Deshret and the three Magi opens.


For completing the entire quest of the Archons Dreams, Emptiness, Deception, you will be able to unlock 4 achievements in the Wonders of the World section:

  • The Soul Transported – Share senses with Nahida through possession using Akasha – 5 primogems.
  • Triumph of the Imagination – Be viewed as the savior of the world by the citizens controlled by Dottore – 5 primogems.
  • The God Gazes Back – Witness Scaramouche`s past after being connected to the “divine consciousness” – 5 primogems.
  • Dreams, Emptiness, Deception – Complete “Dreams, Emptiness, Deception” – 10 primogems.


For completing the Chapter III – Act III Archon Quest Dreams, Emptiness, Deception you will receive:

  • Primogems x 30
  • Adventure EXP x 2450
  • Mora x 98350
  • Hero`s Wit x 9
  • Mystic Enchancement Ore x 16


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