Kaveh in Genshin Impact: Appearance, Element and Weapon

Everything we know about the character so far: leaks from insiders.

Before patch 3.0 was released, teams of data miners and gamers worked very hard to gather all the information hidden in the files or inside the game. So, they found information about Kaveh from Sumeru.

Here we have collected all the available information and leaks about Kaveh in Genshin Impact.

Note: All information provided below is not official and is based only on available leaks. This is subject to change


We already know that Kavi is a talented architect and inventor from Sumeru, who is somewhat similar in character to Alhaitham. No wonder, these two do know each other and have quite a close relationship. Both studied at the Sumeru Akademiya and graduated together.

After going deep into debt during the construction of the Palace of Alcazarzaray, Kaveh has taken up residence with Alhaitham for reasons of cost.

Kaveh is also mentioned in the voice-overs of other characters from Sumeru. For example, it is known that Collei, Tighnari and Dori are personally acquainted with him.


There is no information on Kaveh’s release date as a playable character yet, however, there is a suggestion that he can be expected to appear in 3.6 Character Event Wish.


There is no information about Kaveh’s weapon. However, some leaks have revealed that Kaveh is not very good at magic.

SYP has revealed the details of Kaveh’s Vision. His element is Dendro.


There is more information about the Kaveh’s appearance, even though it has not yet been officially announced.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The overall style is elegant and refined, with the Sumeru region’s inherent splendor and costliness.
  • Pale skin and red eyes.
  • Hair shorter than Ayato’s, with a pigtail on the left side of his face.
  • Long cloak, shirt with chest ajar, lots of gold jewellery.
  • A feather is tucked behind his left ear.
  • Vision is worn on his left hip.

Even though nothing is known about him, some players have already created Kaveh’s fan arts based only on leaked information.

Thus, waternaeng, one of the artists who guessed Ayato’s appearance quite accurately before its release, has already made Kaveh’s fan arts, rated 8.5/10 by SYP and hxg for similarity to the original.

Share your thoughts on Kaveh here in the comments. Do you like him? Are you ready to wait for his Event Wish? Stay tuned to our website for updates on Genshin Impact, so you don’t miss out on any new characters.


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