NEW Skins For Ayaka And Lisa | Genshin Impact

nformation about new Ayaka`s skin in Genshin Impact was published.
At the beginning of July, a couple of insiders confirmed that costumes for Lisa and Ayaka were in development. Mondstadt librarian has known as the best Academy student, so her new theme is obvious. But there was little known about the second character. Dataminers hxg_diluk and Uncle DD gave us information about new Ayaka`s skin in Genshin Impact.
Costumes come out about every six months, so you can see the girl in new clothes already in patch 3.3 on December 7th or in patch 3.5 next year. The skin won`t be released, because there is an event planned in Liyue.

Unexpectedly, the theme of Ayaka’s skin is a school uniform. The information in the game files shows that the skin will be 5 stars, so there will be new skill effects and afk-animation. Now only Diluc has legendary skin.
The appearance of the skin is still unknown, but there is an official image for the collaboration with Heytea. There was also information that the release of the costume will be linked with a special event.

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